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Derby Champion Sponsorship

The Roughrider Commission will partner with Demolition Derby Champion Sponsor(s) to promote the 52nd Annual Roughrider Days Demolition Derby scheduled for July 9, 2023.

Your Support Will

  1. Provide and display sponsor banner/arena signage during Demolition Derby.

  2. Promotional audio announcements (provided by sponsor) made pre- and post-event.

  3. Sponsor logo/ad (30 to 60 second ad to be provided by sponsor) to be displayed on video board used during the PRCA Rodeo performances, as well as, motorized events.

  4. Include logo/artwork on the 30,000 Roughrider Days Fair and Expo Schedule of Events distributed throughout central and western North Dakota, eastern Montana and northern South Dakota.

  5. Post your logo/artwork with a hot link to your Web site on the Roughrider Days Fair and Expo Web site.

  6. Place 10’x2.5’ derby sponsor feather flag on sponsor location to be displayed throughout month preceding event.

  7. Entitles you to ten complimentary Demolition Derby tickets.

  8. Provide exclusive opportunity to distribute promotional items and material to Derby drivers and fans (i.e. water bottles, coolers, can koozies, etc.) at entrance and throughout event.

  9. Provide exclusive opportunity to set-up display at entrance showcasing products and services.  

  10. Showcase your support, whenever possible, through appropriate promotional venues.

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